....And speaking of our wealth, what about global diversification?

Published by Tom Burke on Jul 20, 2012

THE $3 TRILLION QUESTION The following chart from STATSCAN shows what we own as Canadians in foreign assets. If you figure that our total net worth collectively is $6.3 trillion, and our total stock, ... Continue reading

We're worth more per capita than the Americans! Kinda.

Published by Tom Burke on Jul 04, 2012

We're worth $40,000 more per household than the Americans!! Our per capita net worth - approximately $360,000 per household - is now well above that number for the US - just north of $320,000. When Environics... Continue reading

A story about Portfolio (liquid) Assets vs Real Estate (illiquid) Assets

Published by Tom Burke on Jun 02, 2012

Taking care of retail investors' money in different capacities since the 1980's, gives me a bit of perspective about financial cycles and smart asset allocation, especially when things get way out of ... Continue reading

Corporate Governance: Has US-style activism arrived in Canada?

Published by Tom Burke on May 17, 2012

In September of 2006, I attended what may be viewed as an historical annual meeting of MOSAID Technologies in Ottawa. It was a big day in the evolution of canadian corporate governance because it was ... Continue reading