Who is Buying What From Where

Published by Tom Burke on Dec 04, 2015

  Who is Buying What From Where? In North America, Retail Is Detail By Tom Burke   November 27th 2015 Welcome to America's day of consumer blowout and retail frenzy called Black Friday, the official launch... Continue reading

Redemption for Colombia, in soccer and economic potential.

Published by Tom Burke on Jul 04, 2014

For Colombians around the world, today’s contest represents a national celebration and collective sense of redemption even before the opening kick-off against the jittery Brazilian powerhouse. With their... Continue reading

Domestic Winners vs Canadian Global Champions: Time to Switch Gears

Published by Tom Burke on Nov 28, 2013

FOR INVESTORS, THE CANADIAN SANDBOX IS GETTING CROWDED ​What better indicator for the state of the domestic retailing sector than the earnings numbers of two of Canada's largest grocery chains. And how... Continue reading

Ireland (Part 2): The Poster Child of European Recovery?

Published by Tom Burke on Apr 29, 2013

IRELAND AND QUEBEC: SIMILAR STORIES As a Quebecer, one can appreciate the Irish economic narrative and some glaring similarities over the past 50 years. Both Ireland and Quebec were once agrarian based... Continue reading

IRELAND (Part 1) and Co.: The World's 10th Largest Country - 110 Million

Published by Tom Burke on Mar 15, 2013

Ireland (Part 1) and its Diaspora. 110 million and Muhammad Ali Back in the spring of 1985 as a graduated university student, I saved money and did the European travel thing and the climax of my 7 month... Continue reading

When the Public Comes Stampeding Back in to the Market

Published by Tom Burke on Jan 31, 2013

THE RETAIL EQUITY BUYERS HAVE ARRIVED IN THE US. All aboard the equity train. That seems to be the vibe reading from the stats last week about more big surges of money inflows to the equity markets. The... Continue reading

More on Investing Psychology: My Personal Rules of Investing Behavior

Published by Tom Burke on Dec 06, 2012

My Personal Rules: The idea in setting rules of behavioral engagement in your stockmarket investing strategy is to build a framework of portfolio maintenance and upkeep that keeps you diversified, flexible... Continue reading

The Psychology of Investing: Maybe the Most Important Thing of All

Published by Tom Burke on Nov 24, 2012

THE LITTLE BOOK OF TRUE INVESTING SECRETS Over the years, dealing with individual investors of almost every net worth, risk, and age profile, you build quite the mental database of investor psychology... Continue reading

Big Money Managers, Big Liquidity, Little Flexibility

Published by Tom Burke on Oct 31, 2012

INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT AND INDEXES... We have explored the hidden issues that lurk beneath in the world of the exchange traded fund (ETF), but there is now a glaring corrolary to the whole auto pilot investing... Continue reading

ETFs vs Active Investing: The Food Analogy, True Costs, and Real life Stories

Published by Tom Burke on Sep 17, 2012

DO YOU BUY INVESTMENTS LIKE YOU BUY FOOD? The last time you went to the grocery store and bought a new brand of yogourt, cereal, tomato sauce, or any new snack food item; I bet you turned over the packaging... Continue reading